The Ritz Carlton Aruba | Kirsten + Aaron

The Ritz Carlton Aruba is one of the most prestigious wedding venues in Aruba. providing various sites on their immaculate grounds to host your celebration. Aaron and Kirsten had their wedding on the Eternity Bride. Their wedding was a small and intimate family affair. I still remember meeting them about 6 months prior to their wedding date and we instantly clicked. What was so awesome about their wedding was the fact that they got legally married at our Town Hall. Yes, The full Aruba’s Wedding Experience.


Official ceremony complete and on to The Ritz Carlton Aruba to cover the 2nd part of their love story.

Even a small wedding can benefit from an intimate moment such as a first look. Do you know what a first look is? Visit this post to learn more and if you should have one.


The Ceremony at The Eternity Bridge

Beach Portrait Session

Having your wedding in Aruba is an amazing experience, especially with a small Island with so much to offer besides beach photos. We came back two days after and picked them up to go shoot their Trash The Dress Session. When you think of trash the dress you most likely get images in your head of your dress getting completely ruined, but that’s not the case. We did a Post Wedding Session at a rock and coral formation with The California Lighthouse in the back ground.

Venue: The Ritz Carlton Aruba

Wedding Planner: Sharol Vorm

Florist: Shars Flowers

Photography: Demian Gibbs Photography

We even made an album of their Wedding

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