The First Look! Do It or Skip It?

first look

A “first look” is when a couple sees each other on their wedding day before their wedding ceremony. It is a private moment for the couple, away from the eyes of family and friends.

We put together a list of pros and cons to consider if you are thinking about having a first look.


Why You Might Want To Consdider It

You get to have a private moment for just you two.

If you have a larger wedding we recommend this mainly because in most cases you will be overwhelmed by the amount of people who are longing for your attention. Having this moment is also great if you wish to exchange gifts and of course check each other out.

Get rid of some jitters.

Weddings are filled with emotions. Especially anxiousness. Seeing each other beforehand can get rid of most of these feelings. You get to actually talk to your partner about everything that’s going on in your minds and let it all out then and there. Laughs and cries are always a welcome sight.

More awesome photos.

This moment can be used to create even more amazing memories and elements that tie your story of the day together. Think about the Album! This would make an amazing spread in your book that you can tell your kids about and how it unfolded.


Challenges to be expected.

Planning a first comes with challenges of course. Making time in the initial timeline means you have to shift everything up at least an half hour. That includes hair and makeup and also getting ready.

first look photos in Aruba

Why You Might Prefer To Share The Moment With Your Guests.

Keep things traditional

Seeing each other for the first time at the altar keeps it traditional. Your husband to be and all the guests get to experience that big reveal moment at the same time.

There is no right or wrong way to do “your” first look. Talk about it with your spouse and just have fun.

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