Why You Need A Professional Wedding Album!

Let’s start off by addressing the elephant in the room: The Album is potentially another cost to your wedding budget. That will make question the fact if you even need one. There is alot of grey area to the answer of that question.

Either way at the end of the day: Your wedding album is there to last for generations to come. not just a couple of years.

To put that in perspective. Cellphones are built to last 2-3 years and the value diminishes insanely quickly unlike a high quality wedding book that does the opposite.

It’s a one of. It’s your story in tangible form that increases with value every single day.

Let’s look at a few reasons why you may consider getting a Professional Wedding Book

There Is Nothing Better Than Seeing Your Photos In Print​

We all have a smart phone loaded with our memories and images taken with phones of your bridesmaid and groomsmen. Books have been around since forever and they will never go out of fashion. The feel and the smell of an older book is nostalgic to some people. Seeing your memories is never going to compare with holding your memories in your hand or seeing them on display.


durable enough to stand the test of time

Technology is allowing us to store our photos on to many digital formats. USB’s, DVD’. BlueRays etc. I could go on for days about mediums. In the near future certain file formats will not be usable anymore. What will you do then? Some people print every single photo they get from us which is cool as well. However over time these photos lose color and vividness.

In 10-20 years from now you and your partner will want to go back in time and relive your wedding day and share these moments with your kids. Or maybe you both simply want to cuddle up on the couch with the finest wine and relive your day together.


designed and laid-out professionally and stylishly, then printed at high quality!

Your lives are busy enough as it is. Do you really think you have time to go through hundreds of photos to choose from and upload them to then go and create something that will last a life time? no way! We take great pride in the quality of the memories we create for you and therefore only want use the best of the best. Durable materials of the best and highest qualities.

Here’s a brief outline of how we do it:

  • I ask that you select your top 40 images from the day,using our pro guide, around which I create an album of about 60-80 or so images. It’s a curated, edited story – not an overstuffed cluster ride.
  • I then use professional design software and a colour-calibrated screen to lay out and design your album. This is then emailed directly to you to proof online and leave comments.
  • My supplier is based in the USA and has multiple quality control processes and makes all albums by hand, and ships only with the best courier to ensure safety in transit to your front door.



Your wedding day is exactly that. YOUR WEDDING DAY. The day that where you expressed TRUE feelings to your partner. Where REAL tears ran down your face. A day that you can only look back on and remember.

A wedding album is the Authentic and Real version of your love story from your wedding day.

What are some of your thought? Thank you for reading!

We’re Demian and Mary Ann. We’re an Aruba Wedding Photographer team! We love watching our kids grow up right in front of eyes, Netflix and great wine! Let’s be honest, who doesn’t like wine? Your love story matters to us and we can’t wait to meet you!