Why has photography become my passion?

As you probably know my name is Demian. Like how most stories begin, photography began and is still my hobby. Over the past six years it has become who I am. Photography basically took over my life and change it as a knew it forever. Did I ever think I would become a photographer? Or even building a sustainable business? No, I simply liked taking photos. The rest is history.

What I do is somehow also who I am. I can clearly remember the day I ran into a very successful classmate some years back. He was wearing a nice suit compared to my shorts and T-Shirt. I could already tell he was sizing me up eagerly waiting to ask me:

So you still a waiter after all these years? I smiled and answered back: ” I actually quit a few months back, and now I freeze time for a living.”
He laughed and said: ” why you still making these stupid jokes?.”
I was being dead-ass serious. My guy laughed and walked off.

At that moment I realized that freezing moments that matter most to our clients is exactly what I do, And I freaking love it.

I realize how important photos are when I was faced with the reality that I have no photos of myself when I was a little kid growing up in Holland. My mom always took photos of us and please them in albums. Do you remember the albums where you had to print and stick the photos in there yourself? We had tons of those. I remember wearing matching outfits with my brothers, awkward photos by the train stations, and of course all my school photos. I really wish we still had those so I can share them with my kids today.

Since we moved back to Aruba in 1995 those albums have since been lost and miss placed to the point where no one knows where they are. There is a rumor going around in my family that they got burnt somehow. All we have left is memories in our heads nothing to show for it.

I think without me knowing, preserving memories for others has been my life’s purpose. I regard it as such an honor to be the one that has the responsibility to do so for others.  I always said that I was pushed into the deep end to learn photography, however I realize now that it’s been in me from day one.

Thank you for learning a little bit more about me!

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Some Photos Of Me In My Element!

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  1. Kara

    So nice to learn more about you & your passion for photography. You rock!
    Looking forward to meeting you in a couple weeks.

    1. Demian

      Thank you so much Kara. Amazed that you took time out of your day to learn about me. Thank you!

  2. Yve Euson

    Great work
    Nice Passion
    Making ppl happy with your hobby and their memories with your passion.
    Job well done Damian Gibbs

  3. Tarequl

    Gorgeous photos! Looks like it was a great party at the end of the night!

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