Top 8 Locations for AMAZING Photos in Aruba

Aruba is a small Island compare to the vast majority of vacation destinations in the world. With such a huge diversity culturally and geographically, it can be an amazing place to capture the most amazing wedding, family and engagement photos in Aruba. From historical architecture and thriving coastlines to amazing beaches and hidden nooks and crannies.

Now, this list we made is based some of our favorite spots to capture stunning wedding and engagement photos in Aruba.

Top 8 Amazing locations for photos in Aruba.

(In no particular order)

1| Arashi Beach

One of our most popular beaches to photograph at for sunset and golden hour photos in Aruba. This particular spot offers a semi private beach area with two separate rocked areas. Engagement photos here are so awesome. Definitely one of our fav. beaches. So many directions we can shoot in, so many awesome creations to be made.

photos in Aruba

photos in Aruba

2| Eagle Beach and Fofoti Trees

Also known as the Divi Trees at Eagle Beach. This spot is iconic and Aruba is known for it being super popular. These twin trees have shown up in almost all commercial outlets of the Island. Photos here are great when the weather is just right and  the sun cooperates. The area offers one of a kind backdrops when the trees are incorporated. Getting the are without anyone there is hit or miss.

photos in Aruba

photos in Aruba

photos in Aruba

3| Streets of Tierra Del Sol and Golf Course

When we discovered this location we fell in-love with what it offers immediately. The lighting here just before the sun sets is perfect. Like wearing heels? Then this spot is perfect for the 1st stop to take Engagement photos prior to heading to the beach to finish up. The architecture here resembles Beverly Hills in a slight way. The Golf course can a great setting at sunrise to create stunning photos in Aruba

photos in Aruba

photos in Aruba

photos in Aruba

4| Lighthouse Rock Formation

This spot is perfectly placed just in front of the California Lighthouse, which is always flooded with Island Visitors. The Lighthouse in the background still has the effect of you being at the lighthouse. We have captured many Engagement photos here. The contrast of rocks and surrounding elements creates a unique combination.

photos in Aruba

photos in Aruba

photos in Aruba

5| Downtown Oranjestad

If you wish to capture the essence of being in Aruba’s colorful and unique architecture then you should absolutely plan to have Engagement photos here. These would make great backdrops for save the dates and show your loved ones and friends  that you did your Engagement photos in Aruba. Historical significance adds the story to your story.

6| Malmok

This spot can be so easily missed. It’s sits just off a main road on your way to The lighthouse area. It offers some diversity in looks. Trees surrounded by coral and the ocean. Perfect spot for sunset photos.

7| The Faillace Rocks

We named this place after one of our couples as they have worked with us several times and came with a very specific mood board. This spot is nestled on the North Coast and offers a spectacular backdrop for amazing engagement photos. The contrast of elements is unmatched. Great way to differentiate looks from these rocks and the beach. We can create a great mix of drama, love and emotion here.

8| The Dunes

This spot is killer when shot at the crack of dawn just before the sun rises. Everyone aims for sun set. Why not sun rise? Dare to be different, dear to be #Epic. Being at the north side of the Isalnd it can get windy and we recommend taking advantage of that. Long flowy dress with a pop of color would work great here. Need ideas for long dresses? just ask us we will point you in the right direction.

8| The Coastal Rocks

If you are looking for a location that show you the rough waters crashing on the coastline than this is the perfect spot to capture breath taking Engagement photos in Aruba. We go here when couples want a scenery in start contrast to where they are from. Think Midwest wedding with Save The Date photos from Aruba.

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