The Post Wedding Session and Why You Need One!

Post Wedding Session? What are you talking about Demian?

You have heard about Engagement Sessions, Love Sessions and most likely The Trashing Of The Dress. Post wedding sessions are nestled right between those two in what we like to call the Sweet Spot. A post wedding session is photo shoot that extends your wedding day photos in which you get dressed again and we take you offsite to some cool locations around teh Island.

There are many reasons why we recommend a post wedding session in Aruba. here are our 5 top reasons!

You want to spend your wedding day interacting with your esteemed friends and family, but still want tons of wedding photos.

post wedding session arubaHow often do you get to spend time with your entire circle of friends and family at the same time and in Aruba? We fully understand if you wish to keep the bride and groom portraits to a minimum so you can be in the moment with them. The Cocktail hour is when you spend the most time with them. Your wedding images are very important as well so extending that part of the day to another is a great idea. Plus you get the full Aruba experience instead of the beach photos only.

Time to fully relax and let the excitement take over!

Wedding days are packed with events and the dress has to be able to handle the elements of the day. I agree your dress needs to be immaculate, but also means the constant worry about it being super perfect. On your post wedding session that is not the case. Let your hair down..well (half up cause its windy) and enjoy.  Why not take your dress to the total opposite scenery that it was meant for? We call that contrast.

Take advantage of the Destination!

Post wedding session in Aruba showcasing the worlds best beaches in your wedding dress? That’s a no brainer. On this shoot you can afford to let the bottom of your dress get wet and not have to worry about it.

Weather didn't hold up on your wedding day? Time for a post wedding session.

The weather is not always on our side come wedding day. So yeah why not do something about it. We actually pick you up and drop you off. Lets show them nothing is gonna stop you from getting these amazing images.

You get to have your cake and eat it too!

Now you get to do everything twice yet different. You know your dress was bad-ass so yes, you get to rock it again. Show off again. You can also bring a second dress specially for your post wedding session.

We’re Demian and Mary Ann. We’re an Aruba Wedding Photographer team! We love watching our kids grow up right in front of eyes, Netflix and great wine! Let’s be honest, who doesn’t like wine? Your love story matters to us and we can’t wait to meet you!