I would love to take you on a short journey with us back in time on how we came to this point in our lives. The story of how we became friends. How Mary-Ann (Babe) became my Fiance.

P.S Can’t wait to call her my Wife!

Let’s go back to April 3rd 2016, a Sunday that would change our lives forever. I did a photo shoot for a wedding planner friend of ours and her group of close friends. We were to meet at The Aruba Sign at Malmok at 2pm. Me being early for shoots all the time got there at about 145pm. On Arrival a car pulled up beside me. No Clue yet it would be my future wifey! yay! We introduced ourselves and had small talk. The others arrived shortly after. Not gonna go on and on about the shoot here tho. Let’s just say I focused on one person in particular. I did ask her for her number after the shoot to send her “teasers”.

Get ready to go travel really fast guys. List of things we went through together that were significant parts of our relationship today. We got ill right after each other, took care of each other. We share the same love for each others kids. Traveled to Bonaire, Amalfi Coast Italy. There is story of me passing out onboard somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean. Road tripped from Holland to Walt Disney in Paris with our kids. Love wine, with everything haha. Moved in together. Then built a forever house and made it  our forever home.

The Proposal. I think I speak for all guys that are in a long term relationships here…. You start getting signs that you need to to step your game up!!! Right? y signs were at a point where I could not even ask the time. Here a quick scenario.
Me: Babe, What time is it now?
Her: Time to put a RING ON IT!
I had a plan worked up for some time that she didn’t know of of course. The plan was to propose at our front door of our brand new home, But all the kids had to be there. My son visits the Island every July and every other Xmas. So it had to be December 2019. If I didn’t do it then My ass would be sleeping on the couch LONG TERM.

So on the morning of December 29th 2019 I asked a photographer colleague of mine if he could grab some shots of us and the kids dressed up nice that morning. it was almost go time at this point. I could literally feel my heart trying to beat out of my chest.
After a few shots with everyone I got down on one knee and Popped The Big One. The rest is history.

Check the photos by Kenneth Theysen

We’re Demian and Mary Ann. We’re an Aruba Wedding Photographer team! We love watching our kids grow up right in front of eyes, Netflix and great wine! Let’s be honest, who doesn’t like wine? Your love story matters to us and we can’t wait to meet you!