Engagement at The Bushiribana Ruins Aruba

Why not have an Epic Engagement Session in Aruba?

I got to meet these two love birds actually two years ago, we had the honor to cover his sister’s wedding. I can still remember the homemade limoncello. Fast forward two years and here we are shooting their engagement  session. I knew from the very beginning that these were going to be some epic shots and we needed to to them justice. Well, what do you do when you want something epic?  (build suspense here!).

  1. Make sure you pick  locations that are of course Epic.
  2. Get an outfit that makes you even more badass than you already are!
  3. Bring another dope ass outfit, to add fuel to the flame!
  4. Bring props that set the tone.
  5. Get your swag and sass on full 1000.

This is exactly what they did. they had two amazing outfits a bottle of champagne and a Cuban cigar for that extra swag.
What stood out to us most about this session was their connection. It was like they spoke to each other without using words.

We captured these shots in and around The Bushiribana Goldmill Ruins and a place we like to call The Cove. Take a look and see if this is something for you when you come to Aruba and want some Epic Engagement Photos.


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