Christmas 2017 & 2018

Well as they say “It never rains in Aruba”, that’s a myth. They should change it to “it never snows in Aruba”. Agree?

That time of the year rolled around again and of course we had to make sure Santa Came by for the kids again. We truly wish we had all three kids around for the holiday season again this year. Our eldest lives in Rhode Island and we to celebrate Christmas with him down in Aruba every other year.

We are so blessed to have awesome kids, and to be honest we are kids at heart sometimes too. Opening Presents is a family affair and we wish to share our happiness with you as well.


Merry Christmas!

We’re Demian and Mary Ann. We’re an Aruba Wedding Photographer team! We love watching our kids grow up right in front of eyes, Netflix and great wine! Let’s be honest, who doesn’t like wine? Your love story matters to us and we can’t wait to meet you!