5 Wedding Day Myths, Debunked!

Getting married is one of the most emotionally filled events in your lives. You met your partner and grew into the amazing couple you are today. I am sure along the way you have heard stories about relationships and thought to yourself;

For real?

Come to find out that whatever you heard simply was a myth.

Having documented so many weddings in Aruba and a few Internationally, we have put together a list of myths that you have heard about from either a concerned friend or someone who thinks they know exactly what happens on wedding days.


5 Wedding Day Myths Debunked

Myth 1: The Bride should be the last to get hair and makeup done!

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In theory this sounds about correct. However if the Bride goes in last you are running a major risk that the makeup gets delayed and takes longer than planned. This unplanned time is going to cut your getting ready photos time really short forcing you to rush things. Rushing creates stress, and that is the one thing we need to avoid at all times.

Fact: The bride should be the first in and out of makeup so she can relax and be at ease ready to rock out the bridal portraits.

Myth 2: Groom and Bride’s sides of the family should sit on opposite sides of the ceremony.

You are becoming one big family and your loved ones become each others loved ones. there is no right or wrong place for guests to sit. There is protocol. Like, parents should sit in the first row. Other than that guest should pick a seat and not a side. have them mingle and get comfy with your besties and cousins.

Fact: Pick a seat NOT a side!

Myth 3: The Ceremony should start at sunset.

We love this one, mainly because it sounds great and magical. However it’s not realistic. When the sun starts to set, it will not wait on you if you had to run back to the room cause you forgot the rings in the suite. Imagine that really happens and you are now 15 minutes behind? When it gets dark, it’s dark fast.

Fact: Trust your wedding planner to set your ceremony to start the hour before the sun is scheduled to set.

Myth 4: The photographer needs to capture the entire reception, so you have everything covered!

We would love nothing more than to do so. However it’s not necessary. If your reception is set from 7pm-11pm, good chance that 2 of those hours are when guest are eating. Photos of chewing mouths is not flattering. At the end of the night, you would have danced your butts off, correct? If you look closely at the dance floor you will see that you also danced your makeup off. I’m sure you want to look your best at every part of the wedding day. After two hours of photographing the reception all images are the same. We have done many weddings where we stage every important detail in the first two hours of the reception.

Fact: Having us photograph the first two hours, still allows you to have everything covered and to invest in a post wedding session before you left the Island.

Myth 5: Do not wear your dress until it’s go time!

Yeah about this one…..there is nothing wrong with saving that moment for last, right? In the heat your skin tends to expand and contract at will. We have to be honest with you. What if you put the dress on when it actually is go time and something happens? You guessed it.. STRESS! Try your dress on the night before and try to sit in it. If it needs tweaking, you now have time to adjust what ever needs adjusting. Makes sense?
just round up the girls or mom and go fit your dress one more time.

Fact: Anything that can go wrong have a great chance of going wrong. Be one step ahead of the dress.

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