5 Tips on: How To Avoid Chaos With Bridesmaids

Your big day has arrived and you invited your besties to be at your side for the occasion. being the bride it’s up to you to set the tone, not your bridesmaids. Have you ever heard the term too many Chefs in the Kitchen? Lets take it a step further:

Too many chefs in the kitchen and no one is baking you a cake!

We have prepared a few quick tips for you to keep your sanity come wedding day.

1. Make sure your Maid Of Honor knows what’s expected of her.


Your Maid of Honor is essentially your wing -lady, an extension of your self. She is the one keeping the rest of the gang in check. We have seen too many weddings where a bridesmaid has gone MIA and the bride starts to stress out about it. Simply tell the MOH you want the squad to be in your room 15 minutes ahead of the actual time they need to be there. This task is now assigned to the MOH. You have other things to worry about, like making your groom faint when he sees you!

2. Assign a task to each bridesmaid.

Your day is already packed with so many things to think about. Do you really have time to think about where your bracelet is? or if the little straps on the inside of your dress are going to be hanging out? no way! There’s a bridesmaid for that. Assigning tasks does not make you bossy, it makes you organized. Don’t know who to choose? place tasks in a jar and let them pick.

3. Only allow positive energy

This one speaks for itself. The last thing you want is a nagging bridesmaid that complains about things that out of their control. Example of a nag:

OMG, there are still people on the beach!?

Quick fix: of course there are, its a public beach, and i’m sure the planner will take care of people to close to the ceremony. These types of things will cause you to get stressed out.  Simply let your girls know to feed you positive vibes, all day!

4. Snacks, Booze! (key element)

No-one can function on empty stomachs. Assign the task of arranging the food and booze, not in that particular order hahahha! Sparkling wine or champagne is key. Refrain from things that if spilled will cause stains and therefore stress. Fruits are great as they are loaded with crucial vitamins and too hard on the wallet.

5. Everything is too heavy for you to pickup!

You have bridesmaids ready to help you at the drop of a dime. All you have to do is ask and i am sure they will be eager to get you whatever you need. You want to go pickup that glass of champagne? nope, Sara got you!

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