The Signature Art Piece

The Signature Art Piece is exactly as it states. Something unique and artistic. I believe that if you are coming to have your destination wedding you must be fully immersed into the lay of the land. Take advantage of what it has to offer in a photographic way. When you think wedding dress, you think elegance and class, right? I do. I love the contrast of something being where it usually should not be, yet there it is.

The creation of Big Dramatic Portraits for my clients is where I thrive. Think about what will you display or show off in your home? Will you be blowing up a 20×30 image of you and your partner’s faces? Good chance that you will not. What if we take you both to an offsite location and capture this amazing portrait with your dress flowing and the groom being all the way GQ and stylish and create something special?

I’m sure you heard the term TRASH THE DRESS before… Did you just think to yourself ‘there is no way I am trashing my dress’? That’s fine because we don’t have to trash it at all. Consider a day after shoot of minimum an hour to allow time to create these art pieces for you. There simply isn’t time to do it on your wedding day.

When do you capture these images?
During the day after shoot we travel to various locations around the Island. Places that is completely opposite of the beach wedding. During this session we capture a wide variety of shots making sure that also get great candidate captures to then transform into your Art Piece. Not every image will be a candidate.

How do we get them?
After you see the completed work you then decide on what size and what material you want it printed on. They come in Metal, Framed Acrylic or Framed Canvas form. Sizes vary as well. 20×30 is my standard size. Now, that doesn’t mean that you should get the 20×30. If your home has room for something larger, that’s not a problem at all. The Big statement pieces add that wow factor.

Can’t we just get the Digital File?
Unfortunately no. There is a lot of work that goes into creating these Art Pieces and I take great pride in the creation them. Signature Art Pieces are created specially so I can provide you with a Unique piece of Art. The digital simply does not do it justice.

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