Ralph and Sharay Tie The Knot In Aruba

The Beginning

Every wedding couple has a story, and each story has a beginning. Their story went from coworkers, to Costa Rica…. where Ralph proposed to Sharay in an amazing Destination at The Aruba Marriott Resort & Stellaris Casino in Aruba. Uh Gorgeous sceneries, or what?

Since their proposal was so special, they then decided to celebrate their Wedding Day in Aruba as well. After all, this is where the story starts right, and which guests would not want to come celebrate when you get an invitation for a Wedding in Aruba?

From the moment we met with them on Zoom, we already knew this was going to be a beautiful and fun story and couldn’t wait to capture it for them.

Scroll on and join us on a their Wedding Day, with beautiful people, fun vibes and lots of Love,

The Groom

The suite was well fitted. Loved how he wore his boutonniere. Loved the no tie look. My husband truly looked handsome.


The Bride

Gotta Love Lay-Flats
The Elegance that is Sharay
We love and live for moments like these!
Mom doing the final touches.
Ready to floor her Groom!

The design of the dress and how everything was so well fitted. Her beauty stood out although the dress was beautiful she made it looked amazing. She looked gorgeous and I noticed everything from the way she wore her hair to every accessory.


1st Look Dad

The First look

Both of us were extremely nervous. Millions of flash backs from when we first met ran through my head. When the first look happened it was a breath of fresh air seeing her in the dress for the first time.

Family Portraits Pre-Ceremony

Ceremony Decor


His Excitement level!
Genuinely Enjoying and witnessing the ceremony.
Rev. Geoffrey Banfield officiating, fully in his element. The importance of a great Officiant is beyond important!
I was trying to hold it together. Keep my tears in. Being with her during the ceremony just made me vulnerable. I can always let my guard down with her. This is why it was so easy for the tears to fall when I seen her walking down the aisle.


The Group

The guest loved every moment. It was everyone first time in Aruba and to have our wedding there made it special. We will definitely come back soon.

The Squad

Bride and groom

The Reception

Yes it was perfect. We loved it. The photography was amazing. Everyone wants to come back when we have a vow renewal in a few years.


All made possible by:

Photography | Demian Gibbs Photography
Demian Gibbs Photography
Venue |
Marriott Stellaris and Casino Aruba
Planner |
Officiant |
Rev. Geoffrey Banfield
Hair and Makeup |
Florist |
Shars Flowers
Decor |
Shars Flowers
DJ |
Dj Tino


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