Everyone knows about Engagement and Bridal Sessions, but day after sessions? They are not known to everyone.
I’m here to tell you about them and provide you with some great points so you can decide if they are the right choice for your wedding.

Well, what the heck are these “day after sessions”? Post wedding sessions are very similar to engagement session, but the big difference is you are rocking your wedding attire. In my neck of the cacti they are called Trash The Dress Sessions. Did I just freak you out by putting trash and wedding dress in the same sentence? Don’t be freaked out. Grab a glass of wine and read on.


1. You want tons of wedding day photos, however you prefer to spend more time with family and friend

What’s better than having everyone you invited attend your wedding, right? You get to hang out with them and be surrounded by everyone that loves and supports you. It most likely will be the only time that you get to see them all in Aruba at the same time.

So I totally understand why you wish you to not spend to much time on photos after the ceremony come wedding day. You want to enjoy your cocktail hour and enjoy the open bar? I’m all for it. This makes total sense for you then to have a post wedding session where you can relax and truly enjoy togetherness with your partner. No need to worry about getting your dress dirty before the ceremony. I guess what I am trying to say is.. You get to have your cake and eat it too. Who doesn’t love cake?



2. Locations, locations and oh yeah….locations!

Let’s be honest here, you came to Aruba to get married on the beach with a gorgeous sunset. Thats’s all fine with me too. Have you seen our coast lines? Our nature? Our landmarks?
What if you like to have some greenery in your wedding images? Our beaches are pristine yes, but do not offer that aspect you might also crave. These locations offer you something different to add to your wedding imagery.


3. For reasons beyond your control, you did not have time to take couples photos on the wedding day.

Wedding days take long to come and when they are here guess what?…. They fly by. Before you even know it your day has become something to chat about and relive at the pool the next day. With so many things happening all at once you can get lost in translation for lack of better term. Sometimes things do not work out as planned in the timeline. In my experience not having a realistic timeline is detrimental to your photo session after the ceremony. Want a remedy for timelines? click here.

Having a post wedding session on a day before you leave the Island makes up and adds to your total experience of your wedding day. We are able to take full advantage of many aspects that we usually cannot.


4. Extend your wedding day… oh yeah and you get to wear your dress again. WOOT WOOT!

You searched hard and long for the perfect dress and you already know you gonna kill it walking down the aisle. You anticipate your guests to be in absolute wow of it. Let’s not forget you want to see that expression on your partner’s face as their jaws drop.. right?

In post wedding sessions you get to extend the life of your attire. I mean it’s not cheap getting dressed for your wedding. So why not rock ’em again before they go on a hanger in the closet?


5. Time to get them Art Pieces created.

Doing a post wedding sessions is a great opportunity to allow the creation of potential Art Pieces to be created. Don’t get me wrong, the ultimate goal is for me to capture your day in an artistic way. On post wedding sessions we can create more of that magic in other ways and really create pieces that stand out from others. On your wedding day there simply isn’t time to go out and about to capture these shots.

I highly recommend you putting time aside for a session like this if you wish to have something different.


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