Mexican Themed Aruba Engagement with Edison + Sabrina

aruba engagement photos

Sabrina cried after looking at her images!!! I have the video!

A little over a month ago we received a Facebook Message from Sabrina saying that her and Edison were looking into taking engagement photos during their trip to Aruba. We responded that we would love to capture these for them. One of the request she had was that they do at least one silly photo with sombreros on. if you know anything about me you know I’m down for anything crazy or silly in photos. We setup the date and shared a few ideas back and forth. Our style is very editorial and dramatic, which they loved. We were also entrusted also create something more softer and loving for the shoot.

After we got all the logistics and formalities worked out we had to ask.
Why did you choose us for your engagement photos? her reply came back fast:

I feel like your photo quality was nice like really nice crisp and vibrant. & I believe what you give for your price point. I think you get the vibe we are going for and you’re personable which we both like that. So thank you for taking us as a client.

This blew us away, and made us even more excited and pumped to work with them.

During the shoot we shared many laughs and stories about our lives and how cool it would be to create something epic hopefully for their wedding.

Thank you Edison and Sabrina for having us!