Flamingo Island Proposal | Ylli and Dozy

One of our most emotional Proposals yet!

A couple of weeks back we got an email from Ylli saying that he plans to propose to the love of his life in a special way on Renaissance Island. You might know it as Flamingo Island. Great idea right? Right! There were quite a few things we needed to work out ahead of time. The first thing of course is getting over to Flamingo Island without her knowing that he was going to propose and I am there to capture the whole thing. After some back and forth we decided that it would be best if we just made it known that I am an employee with the hotel that he booked in to get some great memories of them on Flamingo Island. On “Go Day” we met up early so we caught the first boat that left the docks to Flamingo Island. The best part about going early was the fact that there were no crowds and the sun wasn’t too hot. The plan was to start the proposal off as a couples session and somewhere half way we would walk over to the side of the Island with the flamingos and he would propose on the beach. She had no clue what was about to happen and neither did he! As we walked over to the perfect spot on the I could see him reaching for the ring and she started to realise what was about to go down. The rest is history. See their story below.
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Thank you so much for checking out their story.

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