Eloping In Aruba

It’s no secret… The world is in utter chaos and everyone is  or will most likely adapt to some type of new normal. We as photographers are seeing and feeling these effects first hand as large crowds are not recommended at the moment. No-one knows when things measures will be lifted. We definitely think we will start seeing smaller and smaller wedding celebrations in Aruba for quite some time to come and we must adapt to it. We know many of your family members are reluctant to start traveling until they feel safer… These are simply the facts.

Now the question remains…

Should I still celebrate my wedding in Aruba? Is it worth it for us?  

The answer can weigh heavy on your hearts and minds. We absolutely get it!

We have a few insights for you that can help relieve some of the uncertain thoughts that may arise and why eloping may be an option.


It's something you have been envisioning for a while!

You have been dreaming about saying your I Do’s on one of the pristine beaches you saw online or somewhere on social media. The blue waters, the sunset, the softest sand you ever held hands on, that feeling you have been thinking about is still very possible.

What does it mean to Elope?

When you are eloping you are taking your big wedding and compressing it down to the core meaning of being married to each other. Everything is now meant for just you both. Elopements themselves can be planned just like a wedding with all elements on a smaller scale. Stuff like: Your bouquet and The Cake. Having an officiant is still an option and recommend to bless the union. 

Your wallet may appreciate the gesture!

It’s no secret that a full blown  destination wedding can get pricey. Of course depending on you wishes. However still not as costly as having your wedding locally. Since elopements are meant for two (in most cases) you are saving quite a lot of your hard earned mula.

Way less moving parts.

When you think weddings you think about bridesmaid, groomsmen, mingling with friends and family, and of course, letting loose on the dance floor. With an elopement those elements don’t come into play. That also means fewer things to worry about and a stress level way below zero. You get to focus on each other and be together fully in the moment.

Eloping might be something to consider!

With everything going on in the world right now, and how it has and will affect wedding couples we truly believe that we will see elopements more and more for a little while. We have to honest with ourselves… People are scared to travel for big gatherings and elopement might be something for you to consider. We see it as having your cake and somewhat eating it too, for lack of a better term. With elopements, couples usually have their party after they get back home from Aruba. That way your family is still able to be there for your celebration.

Did you know you will have your photos in time for your home party?

That is always our goal. How cool would it be to share these moments with them and show off your Elopement experience created for you?


What does an Elopement Experience Look Demian?

We want your Experience to feel like an adventure well deserved!

We would love to start at the very beginning. Getting ready photos together in the room. The groom helping the bride and visa versa. Intimate moments.
Then we go to the ceremony area and capture the exchanging of vows, and the infamous first kiss.  From there we drive to a few offsite locations and document more memories and create stunning and epic imagery for you both.

How does that sound to you? Let us know what you think and if this is a potential option for you. Get in touch and let us create your tailor made experience.

We’re Demian and Mary Ann. We’re an Aruba Wedding Photographer team! We love watching our kids grow up right in front of eyes, Netflix and great wine! Let’s be honest, who doesn’t like wine? Your love story matters to us and we can’t wait to meet you!