Eloping In Aruba

Eloping in Aruba and eloping in general is becoming more and more of a hot topic. There are those who dream of throwing a big blow-out wedding with tons of guests, fairy tale dress and amazing centerpieces. Others couples dream about eloping in a no-frills ceremony instead with only a few close family and friends present — some with no one at all. There is no right or wrong way to profess your undying and absolute to your partner.
These are personal choices by yo both and only you. Having photographed a wide variety of weddings in Aruba, we are seeing high increase in couples looking more towards eloping in Aruba.

Over the years Aruba has grown a lot as a destination wedding Island, which is totally fine. We feel that Aruba should be seen as a destination where love can be full circle as the ocean that surrounds it. You might be thinking that eloping in Aruba is not the best idea. Or maybe you are thing that doing so may cause tensions within your families. Love is between the two of you and as long as you can present that idea from a place of empathy, somehow they will come to understand that.

Driftwood Gazebo by LetzAruba

If you are truly considering having an elopement do some research and find a dedicated professional to arrange the elements you feel should be a part of the intimate celebration. Planning your elopement still has all the benefits of planning a wedding. You still get to go on Pinterest and scout some great images to show your photographer what inspires you, flowers, specialty elements and the list goes on.

Eloping in Aruba does not mean you cannot celebrate with a bigger party later on. You sooooo could… the elopement is about and how you feel as couple with no stress. Simply love and connect with your partner.

Considering eloping in Aruba? We would love to hear from you.


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